Goofball mutt Scrumpy has been framed for a crime she didn’t commit, and it’s up to autistic dog Nico to clear her name and foil a caper.

On the small Caribbean island of Caye Caneen, goofball dog Scrumpy has a talent for getting herself into trouble. Deep, deep trouble, in the case of a badly hurt cat: the humans think Scrumpy attacked it, but she’s innocent.

It’s up to autistic, stray dog Nico to find out who truly hurt the cat and clear Scrumpy’s name.

With the help of the clever little cat Princess Graciela and the boy Ramón, Nico fights time, secret plots, and the wicked Mrs. Rackham, all in hopes of saving Scrumpy.

Ever heard of an autistic dog? Meet Nico, the hero of Beware of Scrumpy. He’s autistic, and he doesn’t like wearing clothes… but what dog does?

To hear how I ended up writing a story about an autistic dog, read this.