Inktober and “Saving Scrumpy”

October is also Inktober, a month in which artists try to do an ink drawing a day, and post it online. I’m doing it for the first time, using it as motivation to get some ideas down on paper for illustrations for Saving Scrumpy.

With the pressure of a drawing a day, there’s not much time to re-think it, re-draw it, second-guess it, correct it. Up it goes, for the world to see, flaws and all. It doesn’t matter if I haven’t worked out my “style” yet, or if the drawing turns out nothing like what I had in my head. It doesn’t matter if I hate the drawing.

Nothing matters, except that I do it.

But to make this more fun, I’m also posting the text that goes with the art. I’m working my way chronologically through the story, starting with Page 1, Chapter 1. You can come read along, daily: start on this page, with October 1.

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I’m most curious to see if I can settle on a style by the end of the month.

Will I even make it to the end of the month?

3 days down, 28 to go.