The Caye Caneen Song

scroll revealing title to song by Kit Oz

This song is the favorite tune of the animals on Caye Caneen. Caye Caneen is a tiny island in the Caribbean, and is the setting for “Beware of Scrumpy.”

You say “Caye Caneen” like “KEY kuh-NEEN.”

The Caye Caneen Song


Kit Oz


Sung to the tune of “The Old Gray Mare” or “Greasy Grimy Gopher Guts”


Nico the dog sings:

Great big globs of briny spiny lobster brains

Crocodile’s muddy feet

Maggot-filled iguana meat


Fish guts reeking in the Caribbean sun

Island life is candy-sweet

When you have so many treats


Princess Grace the cat sings:

Green sea turtles flee in fear away from me

Desperate geckos quickly crawl

From my claws straight up the wall

cat chasing a gecko on a wall

Parrots, cane toads, wish-willies, tarantulas

In this lovely port-of-call

There’s so much that I can maul


crab with a big claw and attitude

Saidy the land crab sings:

Deep-fried shark steaks smashed beneath a shabby shoe

Pink and purple plastic pails

Stuffed with slimy seashore snails

pelican barfing up a blowfish

Bristly blowfish barfed up by a baffled bird

Beaches full of washed-up whales

Let me at their soft entrails


Donovan the crocodile sings:

I like flesh as squishy as a jellyfish

Rats too tough to masticate

Tossed in the swamp to marinate

pen and ink illustration of crocodile marinating rats in the swamp


Snakes like their chow live and kicking but I say

Fresh food’s never half as great

As chicken heads and rotten bait


sassy Juanita the grackle

Juanita the grackle sings:

We all should share… “Hey! My banana, give it back!”

That coati’s such a grump

He’s got sand fleas on his rump

coati with sand fleas, hoarding a banana

Corncobs, conch shells, mango pits, and melon rinds

Dining at the city dump

You may need your stomach pumped


Scrumpy the dog sings:

Cackling grackle cracking jokes and heckling me

‘Cuz gorging on old coconut

Blasts ghastly odors out my butt

They say, “No!” but there’s so much I can’t resist

Worms will grow inside your gut

If you scavenge like a mutt


All the animals sing:

Crying children means there’s ice cream in the sand

Stealing food’s a simple feat

From tourists sunning on concrete


Life’s a banquet for animals on Caye Caneen

There’s no starving on the street

When you wag an island beat