This piece was done for the Historic Seattle Art Show, a juried show and benefit sale.

Title: The Fearless Beer Hunter

Description & inspiration:

From deep in the mists of the 19th century, we discover this image of the mythical beginnings of the beer brewing industry in Georgetown. An 1870s man in a bowler hat hides in the ferns in the woods, holding a net at the ready. In a small clearing beside the river, a pair of bird-like, legged beer bottles (unlabeled, unstoppered, innocent of all that is to come) enjoy the comforts of their home: a stump house thatched with cattails. One peers from the doorway, wary, as if sensing that everything is about to change.

Long-time Northwesterners will remember the Rainier Beer ad campaign with the legged, running bottles; this image is a play on that local history. Stump houses apparently were a thing (although rare); this one references the logging history of the region, with second growth cedar and Douglas fir trees in the background. The river is the Duwamish, before it was straightened.

bottles being hunted in forest



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Fearless Beer Hunter T