Donovan opened his jaws and roared.

The blast of sound startled Juanita off her branch, and for a moment I thought she was going to fall right into that big gaping maw. But at the last moment she found her wings and thrust herself up into the air. His jaws snapped shut on nothing.

“Stupid crocodile!” she yelled down at him. “Lazy lizard! Think you’re Godzilla, don’tcha? Nothing but a wet iguana.”

“Am not,” Donovan grumbled, and crawled into the water.

“Overgrown gecko. Almost a pet. Handouts from humans. You do tricks? Sit pretty? Wait with chicken on your nose? ‘Wait…. wait….. Okay! Good croc!’ Eh heh heh heh.”

“It’s tasty chicken.” Air bubbles from his mouth popped on the murky surface of the water.

–from “Saving Scrumpy”